Epic Weekend (2): Ending the Hairy Story

I did forget to mention one thing with my previous post. I will shamelessly admit it is a bit cool to be recognized in the Toastmasters’ world. A few people in attendance during the Darren LaCroix event asked if I was indeed, the winner of the Humorous Contest. Yes, I know my hair is different from those days, but yes, yes I am. And thank you very much for your congratulations, always appreciated.

This brings me to this post. Not too long ago, I recall briefly sharing my frustrations over my desire to grow out my hair again in this post. My original intent was to share this post with the world, so I wouldn’t eat my words and back out. Continue reading

Epic Weekend: Darren LaCroix

I think I have had a pretty Epic weekend (so much so I want to blog about all my experiences) but I need to separate it into multiple parts, to make it easier to digest.

Friday night was the anticipated Humour 101 Event with Darren LaCroix. He is known as the guru of humour. The guru that has the amazing “rags to riches” tale (he bombed during his first comedy routine, and has had to work to get to the funny platform that he is on today). Did I mention he also won the 2001 International Speaking Contest? Continue reading

Post-win pressure (on myself)

I’m finally working on speeches from the Humorously Speaking (Advanced) Manual. I’m praying that lightning strikes twice with my humour, and that my speech wasn’t just a “one-speech” wonder. I had done one humorist speech at my club post-win, it had gone well, but last Friday was the first time I would journey outside of my own club and do a humorist speech.

My first speech outside of the comforts of my home club. My first humorous speech outside of the comforts of  my home club. Continue reading

Class Clown: Why I do it

It is not uncommon to hear my fellow Toastmasters’ reveal they have become addicted to public speaking. While I share this same addiction, I feel it comes with a slight twist; I am addicted to trying to make the audience laugh.

Was I a class clown as a youth? No, I was more likely voted as the boring student, that was way too shy to put up her hand to answer a question. The teacher’s pet, the nerd, anything but the class clown. Continue reading