Remembering Them

November 11 @ 11:00 a.m. 11/11/11. A date and a time to remember fallen soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

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The Next Generation

The District 21 Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contest has wrapped up for another year!

Although I am a bit sad to see the trophy go to another (much more deserving) Toastmaster, it was such an enjoyable morning filled with missing digits, hockey pro mentors, and old fashioned pregnancy tests.

A special congratulations goes out to the Humorous Speaker for 2013, Jason Jantzi of Golden Eagle’s Toastmasters! Jason told the audience of a harrowing epic (and still ongoing) battle between man and tree in his speech titled, “Autumn Rant”. It was full of wit, impeccable timing, and I wasn’t sure who to feel more sorry for, Jason or his tree.

Congratulations to Jason Jantzi! May you have a wonderful laughter filled year ahead of you.