Projecting Epicness: a small personal victory

Rolling out the red ribbon.

Rolling out the red ribbon.

Saturday evening. The epic conclusion everyone had been waiting for was finally here. It was the EPIC event with the Avery’s! Continue reading

Starstruck Champ

I peel open my eyes, throw back the covers, and stumble to the kitchen. I stare at the food and think, “I’m too lazy. It will either be instant noodles or microwave dinners for breakfast.” (It turned out to be instant noodles for breakfast AND microwave dinners for lunch.) I would joke they are the meal plan of champions, except I know of two that are succeeding with a 50-day eating healthy challenge (hint hint, Avery’s).

Sunday morning. After waiting for almost three months and experiencing two EPIC events where I got to see The Avery’s, it is all over. There’s this slight sense of “now what?” but the excitement from having met them will linger on. Continue reading

One Hot Grandmother

Epic Week Part 2. This past Friday I was invited to take part in (what I have dubbed) “Champion Speech Night” where Trinity Western Toastmasters’ club has invited Ryan Avery (World Champion!), Carol Carter (BC International Champion!), and myself (starstruck BC Humorous Champion). I made arrangements with my (awesome) boss to let me leave a few hours early from work, before hopping into my car and swan-diving into grid-lock traffic on the highway. For most of the drive there I was on pins and needles. Would I be the only Champion that would arrive embarrassingly late to such a great event? Continue reading

Humour, please!

About a week ago, I gave a speech at another club outside of the comforts of my home club. Their President was in the process of forming a Gavel club and asked if I would like to do a speech to inspire the members and Gaveliers alike. I don’t always feel like I am particularly adept at inspiring teenagers, but I grew excited at the challenge. I wrote a speech I thought would be inspiring (my possible contender for the International). Several days before the day, I had a thought. I emailed the President and asked him what kind of speech he wanted me to do, a serious (hopefully) inspiring speech, or a humorous speech? Continue reading

Teacher, I Am Not

Epic weekend? How about epic week.

Tonight I nervously presented my award-winning speech and Educational Session at a local student Toastmasters’ club. For reasons unknown, I also volunteered to be the table topics evaluator during this meeting so it almost turned into a “one woman constantly talking” show. Continue reading

Epic Weekend (3): The Concert

The third and final post in my “Epic Weekend” saga takes place on the evening of Saturday, January 26, 2013. I found myself eagerly awaiting the concert of one of my most favourite bands: Yellowcard. I had not seen this band in concert since 2005. When I heard they would be coming back, I bought a ticket on the first day. They were not the headliners but that did not matter. I would see the guys again! Despite seeing the guys’ in concert and feeling like we had not aged 7.5 years, every other factor reminded me of how old I had become. Continue reading

More Expectations; Lab Tests

I went to an Open House last night and met a number of great people from all across the region. Never had I seen such an enthusiastic chair, or such a detailed grammarian, or an Icebreaker speech that had everyone in tears (of laughter) – ladies’ and gentlemen, this may just be next years’ Humorous Winner!

When the Chair found out my status for 2012-2013, there was no escaping (I mean that in the best way possible). He volunteered me for the role of a Speech Evaluator, and when he was doing introductions, he said how fortunate we were to have such and such a person show up, on the day the Humorist had called in sick. Continue reading

The Speech

As I type in the last few words, I sit back and marvel at my small accomplishment. I have done it, I have finished a speech for the International Speech contest. Over the last few weeks I have been constantly flip-flopping between two main sets of ideas, and sets of stories for the speech. I have only managed to write down this one speech out onto paper (screen?) I feel like I am putting all of my eggs into one basket, and not even my best basket at that.

Is it funny? Not like my other speech.
Is it inspiring? I can only hope so.
Is it good? Continue reading