What I Learned from Toastmasters (Comedians)

“By the looks of it, the contestants at the District Humorist Contest must be funny enough to rival stand-up comedians.”

That was something I said to a friend of mine (at the start of the Humorist journey) as we looked down the long path from club to district. Never in a million years did I believe I would be among them. Over the years (yes, years) of trying new jokes and bombing those same jokes here is my vote for advice I would want to give to others. These are a few of the points I have learned from my experience in the Humorist Contest. Continue reading

Teacher, I Am Not

Epic weekend? How about epic week.

Tonight I nervously presented my award-winning speech and Educational Session at a local student Toastmasters’ club. For reasons unknown, I also volunteered to be the table topics evaluator during this meeting so it almost turned into a “one woman constantly talking” show. Continue reading

Conan’s Advice: Finding Your Style

After my win, it was a wonderful surprise to have a few clubs approach me and invite me to be their guest speaker. One club in particular asked me if I would do my award-winning speech again. Of course! Then I read the rest of the email (paraphrased): we would love for you to do an educational session teaching us your techniques on how to make the audience laugh.

Me, teaching? Really? This is a student club who is inviting me (someone who no longer understands their lingo) to teach. I will have to find a way teach without making them fall asleep. There’s a reason I never wrote down “teacher” on the things I wanted to be when I grew up. Okay that is a lie, but many years ago I crossed that profession off my list. Continue reading