Epic Weekend (2): Ending the Hairy Story

I did forget to mention one thing with my previous post. I will shamelessly admit it is a bit cool to be recognized in the Toastmasters’ world. A few people in attendance during the Darren LaCroix event asked if I was indeed, the winner of the Humorous Contest. Yes, I know my hair is different from those days, but yes, yes I am. And thank you very much for your congratulations, always appreciated.

This brings me to this post. Not too long ago, I recall briefly sharing my frustrations over my desire to grow out my hair again in this post. My original intent was to share this post with the world, so I wouldn’t eat my words and back out. Continue reading


Falling off the wagon? A Hairy story

I think I’m just about to fall off the wagon. I was doing so well too, I thought I was making great progress, but now the temptations are taking a hold again.

I’m talking of course, about my hair. Continue reading