A couple of months ago a fellow Toastmaster asked me an interesting question. She asked me where I got my sense of humour from, my mother or father? Without hesitation I answered: mom. That surprised her. Everyone else she had asked had all answered with their fathers. I was the only one that answered differently. Continue reading

One Hot Grandmother

Epic Week Part 2. This past Friday I was invited to take part in (what I have dubbed) “Champion Speech Night” where Trinity Western Toastmasters’ club has invited Ryan Avery (World Champion!), Carol Carter (BC International Champion!), and myself (starstruck BC Humorous Champion). I made arrangements with my (awesome) boss to let me leave a few hours early from work, before hopping into my car and swan-diving into grid-lock traffic on the highway. For most of the drive there I was on pins and needles. Would I be the only Champion that would arrive embarrassingly late to such a great event? Continue reading

Epic Weekend (3): The Concert

The third and final post in my “Epic Weekend” saga takes place on the evening of Saturday, January 26, 2013. I found myself eagerly awaiting the concert of one of my most favourite bands: Yellowcard. I had not seen this band in concert since 2005. When I heard they would be coming back, I bought a ticket on the first day. They were not the headliners but that did not matter. I would see the guys again! Despite seeing the guys’ in concert and feeling like we had not aged 7.5 years, every other factor reminded me of how old I had become. Continue reading