Epic Weekend (2): Ending the Hairy Story

I did forget to mention one thing with my previous post. I will shamelessly admit it is a bit cool to be recognized in the Toastmasters’ world. A few people in attendance during the Darren LaCroix event asked if I was indeed, the winner of the Humorous Contest. Yes, I know my hair is different from those days, but yes, yes I am. And thank you very much for your congratulations, always appreciated.

This brings me to this post. Not too long ago, I recall briefly sharing my frustrations over my desire to grow out my hair again in this post. My original intent was to share this post with the world, so I wouldn’t eat my words and back out.

I have to eat my words. Part Two of this “Epic Weekend” was Saturday morning when I went to see my hairstylist and asked her to give me back my old (short) haircut. She was nice enough to point out the longer hair didn’t look bad on me, except the fact she could see I was too lazy to use the straightening iron to tame those natural upward/outward curls I get when my hair gets too long. My current style is a tad too short right now, I liked it best, coincidentally, right around the Fall Conference. I’m not overly worried; hair will grow, sometimes in places where you wish it didn’t.

I’ve wrestled with this for the past few weeks. Finally, I made this decision based on another set of words I have repeated countless times at the end of 2012. For those that are unfamiliar with the context of my speech, my underlying message was one telling everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. With every mini-humorous story, I was reliving my anger and frustrations; I knew I was comfortable being this way, and I just wanted everyone else to be okay with it too.

I’ve had long hair before, so I kept running that scenario through my head. In the end, I simply felt if I went back to having long hair, I wouldn’t be as comfortable in my own skin (at this moment in time) if I had long hair versus short. I’m sure it would look very nice, but it wouldn’t feel like me. The shorter style (right now) just feels like it would suit me better.

Maybe one day long hair will become part of my “comfortable” skin. I’ll have to find another way of donating to the kids.


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