Holiday Hero

It is early Saturday afternoon and I find myself at the mall to do some Christmas shopping, just like the thousands of people that are already there. I make my way to my favourite coffee spot (because I have a coupon in hand, and in dire need of coffee). There are only two people in front of me in the lineup: the person ordering, plus one gentleman behind them. While I am waiting, another person lines up behind me. There are now four people in the lineup. A few seconds later, another lady makes her way over to the lineup, grumbling the entire time:

What a long lineup, this is ridiculous! They should really open up some more cashiers, now I’m going to have to wait to get my coffee. I’d better get a discount for this.

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One Hot Grandmother

Epic Week Part 2. This past Friday I was invited to take part in (what I have dubbed) “Champion Speech Night” where Trinity Western Toastmasters’ club has invited Ryan Avery (World Champion!), Carol Carter (BC International Champion!), and myself (starstruck BC Humorous Champion). I made arrangements with my (awesome) boss to let me leave a few hours early from work, before hopping into my car and swan-diving into grid-lock traffic on the highway. For most of the drive there I was on pins and needles. Would I be the only Champion that would arrive embarrassingly late to such a great event? Continue reading

More Expectations; Lab Tests

I went to an Open House last night and met a number of great people from all across the region. Never had I seen such an enthusiastic chair, or such a detailed grammarian, or an Icebreaker speech that had everyone in tears (of laughter) – ladies’ and gentlemen, this may just be next years’ Humorous Winner!

When the Chair found out my status for 2012-2013, there was no escaping (I mean that in the best way possible). He volunteered me for the role of a Speech Evaluator, and when he was doing introductions, he said how fortunate we were to have such and such a person show up, on the day the Humorist had called in sick. Continue reading

Opening Act

Soon after winning the Humorist Contest, I came home after work to find a message on the answering machine from this year’s District 21 Governor, Margaret Page. For a split second, I was confused. How did Margaret know my home number? Well, because you wrote it on your Toastmasters’ application when you first joined, you dummy. Continue reading

Conan’s Advice: Finding Your Style

After my win, it was a wonderful surprise to have a few clubs approach me and invite me to be their guest speaker. One club in particular asked me if I would do my award-winning speech again. Of course! Then I read the rest of the email (paraphrased): we would love for you to do an educational session teaching us your techniques on how to make the audience laugh.

Me, teaching? Really? This is a student club who is inviting me (someone who no longer understands their lingo) to teach. I will have to find a way teach without making them fall asleep. There’s a reason I never wrote down “teacher” on the things I wanted to be when I grew up. Okay that is a lie, but many years ago I crossed that profession off my list. Continue reading