Falling off the wagon? A Hairy story

I think I’m just about to fall off the wagon. I was doing so well too, I thought I was making great progress, but now the temptations are taking a hold again.

I’m talking of course, about my hair.

Throughout my childhood and well into my teenage years, I’ve always had long hair (I will define it as anywhere from a few to several inches past my shoulders.) At some point I got the great idea to donate my hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. Turns out my hair was a great candidate and a minimum of eight to ten inches was needed, depending on where you donated to. Since I was unwilling to have a pixie-like cut after chopping off the hair to be donated, I decided to grow it out even more.

It took me two years before my hair was long enough.

After that time, I’ve always maintained a short, above the shoulder’s haircut. A couple of months ago I decided to try to grow my hair out again to sport a longer hairstyle. It is now somewhere in between too long to be a good short hairstyle, and too short to be a good long hairstyle, and at the point where nobody’s hair can grow fast enough. Every day I fight the urge to call my stylist (amazing lady that she is) and tell her I’ve fallen off the wagon, I want her to give me my usual short hairstyle again.

Until I saw an ad the other day encouraging people to make donations of hair to be made into wigs for children. Those little ones, who should not have anything else to worry about except for finishing their dinners and whether they are invited to their classmate’s birthday parties, are instead having to deal with someone like cancer, chemotherapy treatments, etc.

And while I am no longer certain if I will keep the long hairstyle, I feel I may just grow my hair again and cut it off to be made into wigs, like I once did almost ten years ago.

Clinging onto the wagon, for now.


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