Division Contest (Part 2)

I’m fairly confident nobody came to the Division Contest to hear me speak as Sergent-At-Arms. I am also fairly confident the vast majority in the audience came here to listen to the speakers and evaluators go head-to-head that evening. Continue reading


Taking that Leap of Video

In hindsight, this Christmas was chuckle worthy. The DVD’s of the Humorist Contest had arrived in the mail (many thanks to those who put it together). Every single time we had friends and family over to celebrate the holidays, I knew it was only a matter of time before I heard this line.

“You know she won the Humorist Contest right? We have the DVD! Shall we go and watch her winning speech?” Continue reading

The Story Behind: The Hat

The other day I dashed from work to my Area’s International Speech and Evaluation Contest. I was there for three reasons: 1) To support my club member that had advanced to the Area level, 2) support the Area contest as a whole, and 3) be the test speaker.

I knew I could worm my way into the Area level contest because the Area Governor this year is also a member of my club; it was super easy to approach him and volunteer. He graciously accepted and I was pumped I would get to speak! (What a change from only a few years ago). Continue reading

Winding Down

What would you cross the Grand Canyon to tell me?
– Chelsea Avery

Those were the inspirational words spoken to Ryan Avery by his wife, chelsea (she is one amazing lady). Whatever he was crossing the Grand Canyon to tell her, that message would have to be important, inspirational and what he truly believed in. And that message was his Championship Speech. Continue reading

Starstruck Champ

I peel open my eyes, throw back the covers, and stumble to the kitchen. I stare at the food and think, “I’m too lazy. It will either be instant noodles or microwave dinners for breakfast.” (It turned out to be instant noodles for breakfast AND microwave dinners for lunch.) I would joke they are the meal plan of champions, except I know of two that are succeeding with a 50-day eating healthy challenge (hint hint, Avery’s).

Sunday morning. After waiting for almost three months and experiencing two EPIC events where I got to see The Avery’s, it is all over. There’s this slight sense of “now what?” but the excitement from having met them will linger on. Continue reading

More Expectations; Lab Tests

I went to an Open House last night and met a number of great people from all across the region. Never had I seen such an enthusiastic chair, or such a detailed grammarian, or an Icebreaker speech that had everyone in tears (of laughter) – ladies’ and gentlemen, this may just be next years’ Humorous Winner!

When the Chair found out my status for 2012-2013, there was no escaping (I mean that in the best way possible). He volunteered me for the role of a Speech Evaluator, and when he was doing introductions, he said how fortunate we were to have such and such a person show up, on the day the Humorist had called in sick. Continue reading

The Speech

As I type in the last few words, I sit back and marvel at my small accomplishment. I have done it, I have finished a speech for the International Speech contest. Over the last few weeks I have been constantly flip-flopping between two main sets of ideas, and sets of stories for the speech. I have only managed to write down this one speech out onto paper (screen?) I feel like I am putting all of my eggs into one basket, and not even my best basket at that.

Is it funny? Not like my other speech.
Is it inspiring? I can only hope so.
Is it good? Continue reading

Epic Weekend: Darren LaCroix

I think I have had a pretty Epic weekend (so much so I want to blog about all my experiences) but I need to separate it into multiple parts, to make it easier to digest.

Friday night was the anticipated Humour 101 Event with Darren LaCroix. He is known as the guru of humour. The guru that has the amazing “rags to riches” tale (he bombed during his first comedy routine, and has had to work to get to the funny platform that he is on today). Did I mention he also won the 2001 International Speaking Contest? Continue reading

Post-win pressure (on myself)

I’m finally working on speeches from the Humorously Speaking (Advanced) Manual. I’m praying that lightning strikes twice with my humour, and that my speech wasn’t just a “one-speech” wonder. I had done one humorist speech at my club post-win, it had gone well, but last Friday was the first time I would journey outside of my own club and do a humorist speech.

My first speech outside of the comforts of my home club. My first humorous speech outside of the comforts of  my home club. Continue reading


One of the biggest comments I have received from my award winning speech: you were vulnerable up there on that stage, and that is likely one big reason why you won.

A big secret I have to reveal: I still have no idea how to define that term.

Vulnerability during a speech. It is a slightly foreign concept to me, mainly because whenever someone mentions that word, I’m at a loss. It feels like they are referencing some skill I have, like I woke up one morning and decided “I am going to write a speech and insert this amount of vulnerability!” It is not a skill I have, it is a term that continues to elude me. Continue reading