Remembering Them

November 11 @ 11:00 a.m. 11/11/11. A date and a time to remember fallen soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

This year I happened to remember what my high school teacher had once said when we were studying WWI. She had remarked about the death toll being close to 10 million, just for military personnel. Most of them were young men, fresh out of high school or starting college.

Who knows what those young men could have gone on to achieve in their lives? The cure for cancer probably died on the battlefields.

I often think about my own relatives that have experienced the war. My great-uncles, both pilots in WWII, never came home. I have often heard they were quite the good looking gentleman. Though I have never seen pictures of them, I do like to imagine they would have made all the ladies swoon back in their day. Who knows what lives they could have gone on to lead too. I also think of my grandmother (alive and well), surviving the years of Japanese occupied Hong Kong, and all the questions that I can never find the words to ask her.

Most of all I want to thank the Chinese men and women that served Canada throughout the wars. Because of you we secured the right to vote in 1947. It is crazy to think a lot of minorities didn’t have the right to vote until so recently in Canada’s history, and it is saddening to think at one point not so long ago, a lot of us had every limited choices in what we could do with our lives.

Thanks to all of you, hopefully my children will never have to know what this kind of conflict is, and they’ll be free to choose to grow up to be whatever they wish to be.

Lest We Forget


4 thoughts on “Remembering Them

  1. Well said Vivien – this sounds like it would make the great basis for a speech.

    (Your comment about Chinese immigrants getting the vote made me look up when Aboriginal people got that right here in Australia. The answer? It wasn’t until the 60s, and that’s in their homeland, which we British had invaded a couple of centuries ago!)

    • Thanks for the comment Craig! If memory serves me, Canadian aboriginals didn’t get the vote until the 1960’s. Quite crazy to think this wasn’t in place until so recently.

  2. P.S. I highly recommend Picasa for working with photos (if you’re on a PC). I use it all the time, for my blog and just in general.

    It lets you make photos look great with literally just 1 click. If you try it on the poppy shot, you might be amazed how lifelike the colours become. And it’s a free download from

    (Hope I’m not seeming like a smartass!)

    • Hi Craig, sorry about the delayed reply. Thanks a lot for your recommendations re picasa! It’s always great to share this knowledge, and I’m going to go and check it out. Thanks again!

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