Never Give Up

While I was watching an episode of the TV show Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza, a couple was pulled from the audience and asked a series of questions so the Improv actors could re-enact the couple’s first date. Paraphrased here is the couple’s story about how they met:

John and Patrice were both students in college. One night during a sorority-fraternity party John saw Patrice and instantly knew “she’s the one.” Patrice, on the other hand, was dating someone else at that time. For those few months that she continued to date that other guy, John kept pursuing Patrice. He would repeatedly call her up and asked her out on dates. Finally, Patrice said yes. Their first date involved John picking her up from a conference and driving her home. In the end, John’s persistence would produce three kids and a marriage that would last thirty five years…and counting.

This sweet story makes me wonder how easily we may give up in this day and age. How many of us, if we found out the guy/girl we liked was dating someone else at the time, would instantly start the process of forgetting about them and going on to find someone else? Sure there are always exceptions (and I am not trying to open up the potential can of worms), but if you saw the person you just knew was “the one”, would you give up so easily?

What if it was a company you wanted to work for, that you knew (not only the job but the people you had to work with) was the right fit for you?

What if you wanted to be a great speaker but for the first few months you felt like you fell flat on your face? (Not literally, I hope).

John knew what he wanted, and he remained focused. I’m pretty sure his marriage was filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of frustration, I get the feeling he’s pretty proud of himself for never giving up.

See below for the story of Patrice and John, told in their own words and reenacted by the Improvisers.


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