Remembering: One Year Ago

It is time. Fall of 2013 and in the Toastmasters’ World, that means the season has started for the Humorist and Table Topics Contests. Thousands of Toastmasters will come together to compete; they will be trying their hardest to make you laugh your butt off, or they will be trying their hardest to answer thought-provoking questions on the spot.

It is almost one year to the day when I stepped in front of my own home club and delivered my own Humorist Speech. I could have never known how far I would get to go.

Before my reign comes to an end at the 2013 Fall Conference, I’d like to hog the spotlight for a little longer and take a quick stroll down memory lane. Please allow me to share the video of my speech at the 2012 Fall Conference for District 21 (Richmond, BC), a speech that would allow me to win First Place at the Humorist Speech Contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, my speech: Mistaken Identity.

I hope you enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “Remembering: One Year Ago

  1. I did! I enjoyed it live and I loved reliving it just now Viv. What a great speechl. Love te birthdays and aniversaries line. One of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard in a speech. Enjoy the rest of your reign. it’s something you’ll always have!!!

  2. Great job Vivien! And thanks so much for sharing this – it was a real pleasure to watch your speech.

    I imagine you might have felt nervous in front of the big crowd, but you came across as so comfortable up there. Completely natural and helpful body language, and great pace. Well done!

    P.S. I now see how far I have to go!

    • Hi Craig, oh it was my pleasure to share my speech, but I’m even happier to hear you enjoyed it!

      One of the worst parts of me is waiting. You can hear in the video that I’m speaker #8 (out of 10) so I had to listen to seven other great speakers before me. Thank you for saying I came across as natural and comfortable. Once I got over the jitters and got up onto that stage, I had a blast.

      I still fully support/encourage/cheer you on to try out the Humorist Contest too! Let me know how you do, please.

      • Thanks for your continuing support Vivien. The end of the tale about my humorous speech was that unfortunately I didn’t make it past club level. But that’s OK, I was fairly pleased with how I did. (Didn’t help that I had to take my tiny note card out of my pocket and glance at it though! It’s the old story – not enough rehearsal.)

        A guy from our club won the area contest, held at our club ( Then the division was also held there on Saturday, but sadly against stiff competition he didn’t place.

        So that’s just 2 contests I’ve taken part in now – evaluation and humorous. I actually enjoyed the former (whereas I really didn’t enjoy the latter), so I look forward to the next eval contest in 6 months!

      • Thanks for letting me know about your contest participation! I’m thrilled to hear you stepped out of your comfort zone and gave it a valiant effort. Tell me how the evaluation contest goes, and perhaps you’ll consider the International and Table Topics to round it out to all 4 contests?

        All the best!

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