Starstruck Champ

I peel open my eyes, throw back the covers, and stumble to the kitchen. I stare at the food and think, “I’m too lazy. It will either be instant noodles or microwave dinners for breakfast.” (It turned out to be instant noodles for breakfast AND microwave dinners for lunch.) I would joke they are the meal plan of champions, except I know of two that are succeeding with a 50-day eating healthy challenge (hint hint, Avery’s).

Sunday morning. After waiting for almost three months and experiencing two EPIC events where I got to see The Avery’s, it is all over. There’s this slight sense of “now what?” but the excitement from having met them will linger on.

I was a bit nervous at the “Champs Night” (please see my previous post) because 1) I would be speaking in front teenagers from local Gavelier clubs (it is notoriously hard to get teenagers to laugh) and 2) I would finally be seeing the Avery’s in person. I already felt like I knew a bit about them, because I have read and commented on almost every one of their blog posts in the past couple of months. (I’m realizing just how creepy that sounds.)

First off, I had my socks knocked off at how this event came together. The theatre/auditorium was packed with people: Toastmasters, Gavaliers, and related family/friends. The organizer made sure there was food there at the event. When I say food, I don’t mean just the usual veggie/fruit plates. I am talking about setting up a buffet! There was a giant rice-cooker, a ginormous pot of chili, chicken wings, samosas galore and gallons of water and coffee. I sampled the huge pot of chili, but regrettably I couldn’t have any because I am the wimpiest person when it comes to spicy foods. The organizer suggested I eat a samosa instead. I’m partially glad I waited until the break time to sample a samosa, because it turned out to be ten times spicier than the chili. I was hacking up a lung, it was so spicy. (Ryan and chelsea, if you were wondering who was coughing up a storm while we were watching Ryan’s winning speech on video, I sincerely apologize, it was just the BC Humorous Champion partially dying).

Break-time I managed to have a conversation with Ryan and chelsea and it was awesome. They both gave me a hug and it felt like they were genuinely looking forward to meeting me. What we talked about was a blur (I’m sorry, memory like a sieve) but I was struck by how warm and down-to-earth they were. That was the first time I found out Ryan was scheduled to speak five times in two days. How does he do it?!

What can I say about the speakers. I was really glad Trinity Toastmasters’ invited the Gavel Club speech contest winner to come and do his winning speech. My speech got a few laughs (besides the Grandma joke) and Carol Carter (BC’s International Speech Champion) did her winning speech again, which gave me more goosebumps than all the previous times I had heard it.

Q&A Session with Ryan Avery, 2012 International Speech Champion.

Q&A Session with Ryan Avery, 2012 International Speech Champion.

But of course, the main reason we were here: Ryan Avery took the stage after we watched the video of his winning speech to have a Q&A Session. Man, the audience sure asked some insightful questions and were eager to pick his brain, and he was eager to answer. All I can say is, it was enlightening to see and hear of Ryan and chelsea’s hard work, their journey together, and what they have planned for the road ahead, post-win. The two of them were a great inspiration to the entire audience, including one little BC Humorous Champion.


4 thoughts on “Starstruck Champ

  1. thanks for your kind words vivien-it was really great to meet you too! i am sorry that you were hacking up a lung from the intense spiciness of the food-glad i was stuffed and didn’t have any because i probably would have just passed out from the intensity. great job on your speech!

    • Ditto, chelsea! I’m glad to hear you and Ryan enjoyed your time in Vancouver (even with the rain at the beginning and end of your trip). Yes, I’m very glad you did not have a Samosa then; the spice in that thing had a delayed effect!
      Happy (late) Tuesday!

    • I figure for the immediate future I have one more speech at another club to do, plus I have to cheer on my favourite speakers as they go on their journey to Cincinnati. 🙂

      Thanks Paula!

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