One Hot Grandmother

Epic Week Part 2. This past Friday I was invited to take part in (what I have dubbed) “Champion Speech Night” where Trinity Western Toastmasters’ club has invited Ryan Avery (World Champion!), Carol Carter (BC International Champion!), and myself (starstruck BC Humorous Champion). I made arrangements with my (awesome) boss to let me leave a few hours early from work, before hopping into my car and swan-diving into grid-lock traffic on the highway. For most of the drive there I was on pins and needles. Would I be the only Champion that would arrive embarrassingly late to such a great event?

Thankfully traffic cleared up enough to allow me to get to the event about 20 minutes early. I still feel like my mind is reeling from such an epic event (I hope to do it justice in another lengthy blog post) but for this one I want to infuse some early morning humour.

When I first got the call, I wasn’t sure if I could attend. It was, after all, up to my boss to give me the extra time off so I could make the commute. When I got the word I could make it, the organizer for this event was ecstatic because now posters could be made up featuring all of our names. I had a “Diva” moment and asked to have some copies of those posters so I could keep them and show them off to my future kids and grandkids. She happily agreed.

Toastmasters is all about communication. Life often contains a hilarious mix of miscommunications. Like the game of Telephone gone wrong, the organizer enlisted in the help of her daughter (one very accomplished lady and Toastmasters’ for Chairing this event on short notice). Somewhere in there the line must have passed that I wanted posters to give to future kids and grandkids, but the daughter missed the word “future”. As part of my fabulous introduction, she included the following lines (paraphrased):

“She is a mom, and a grandmother…”
“Please help me welcome our next speaker….BC Humorous Speaking Champion…”

Say what? That actually had me confused for a good three seconds where I thought the agenda had changed and we were featuring a last-minute speaker that wasn’t on the docket. Then I realized she really was introducing “me” and I felt horribly awkward. Not awkward for myself, but awkward for her, whom I knew would be terribly surprised at seeing this kid walking to the stage. I felt a bit awkward too because the event had quite a number of familiar faces (plus Ryan and chelsea) who knew full well I was nowhere near the grandma age.

Or, (as Ryan told me later) “I heard that and I thought Grandma?! She’s one good-looking Grandma then.”

Why thank you. So far I have been blessed with looking slightly younger than my real age. I should probably make it my goal to always get a good night’s sleep so I can continue that trend.


9 thoughts on “One Hot Grandmother

  1. I nearly fell off my chair laughing! Thank you; although I didn’t get to your early morning infusing of humor until late in the afternoon, it was as fresh as the moment your words found themselves on the screen…

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  3. so great meeting you vivien! i have to admit, when we heard your introduction of ‘a mother and grandmother’ both ryan and i were like ohhh WOW! haaaa πŸ™‚ glad you can laugh about it and your speech was funnny

    • Thanks for the comment chelsea! It was awesome to meet you too. I think I’ll be remembering this story for years to come; I’ll likely tell my FUTURE kids/grandkids that I became a grandma wayyy ahead of schedule!

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