Teacher, I Am Not

Epic weekend? How about epic week.

Tonight I nervously presented my award-winning speech and Educational Session at a local student Toastmasters’ club. For reasons unknown, I also volunteered to be the table topics evaluator during this meeting so it almost turned into a “one woman constantly talking” show.

The winning speech went better than I had hoped, even with the fact I find smaller audiences are a tougher crowd than larger ones (or is that just me?) I got a few good giggles. After that, I had to launch straight into my Educational Session.

Technology and I do not mix. Remember the days of all teachers using the overhead projector? (Yes, I know I have just effectively dated myself). One project I had to do involved me pretending to be a teacher; I doubted my skills when I kept putting on the overhead films backwards onto the projector. I was sure this time would be better; only the projector the club so graciously reserved for me, would not turn on. (My fault for arriving 15 minutes later than I had hoped I would). Plan B was needed: abandoning the PowerPoint slide and just using my notes.

I have extended family members that are teachers as well as a wide array of family friends and friends that are teachers as well. You would think some of it would have rubbed off on me, but that is the furthest thing from the case. I went ridiculously overtime. I babbled and “strayed” from my notes a few times and had a lot of good and tough questions that I ended up struggling through afterwards. I could see one guy wanting to say “bleh, you don’t know what you were talking about.” The lady (she had invited me) kept saying afterwards how great it was to have me, aka humorous expert, come and share my knowledge with the club.

Not to sound blunt, but I have always felt just because I won the Humorous Contest, doesn’t make me the next expert. I’m just a kid that had a lot of funny things happen to her and was able to bring it to light in a funny way.

On the other hand, I remember it was a challenge I wanted to undertake myself. I wanted this to be my next step since I had always been daunted with the idea of teaching, and the idea of teaching to the youth of today, no less. There are a ton of things I could have done to improve (i.e. specify with the Chair on how I wanted to be introduced since I was doing three different things) but overall I will dare to think well of myself and say it went relatively well.

If one of those members thought bits and pieces of my presentation were helpful, I shall be very happy.

Ridiculously tired now. Only a few more sleeps until the Champions are in town!


2 thoughts on “Teacher, I Am Not

  1. Viv, small crowds are notoriously tougher. If you can do it, get the people to sit near each other. If they are all spread out, they are less likely to laugh.
    I can guess at the pressure you must feel at being touted as an expert. But you are getting a lot of experience now because of this and you are getting better every time. This Saturday you will rock the house because there will be a ton of people there primed to have a good time so YOU will have a good time too.
    Looking forward to seeing you. đŸ™‚

    • Hey Paula, to be fair the turnout was really good: 24 people! There was not a spare spot to be had in the small room and I did get better reactions than I thought I would.
      I think this may have to be my first and last “Educational Session” for a while. But thanks for your encouragement and I agree: this was good practice for Saturday! Can’t wait to see you ‘gain, rockin’ Emcee đŸ™‚

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