Epic Weekend (3): The Concert

The third and final post in my “Epic Weekend” saga takes place on the evening of Saturday, January 26, 2013. I found myself eagerly awaiting the concert of one of my most favourite bands: Yellowcard. I had not seen this band in concert since 2005. When I heard they would be coming back, I bought a ticket on the first day. They were not the headliners but that did not matter. I would see the guys again! Despite seeing the guys’ in concert and feeling like we had not aged 7.5 years, every other factor reminded me of how old I had become.

I arrived forty-five minutes early to find a lineup of people stretching around the corner and down two blocks. I will sit in the nosebleed section if worst comes to worst – I grab a coffee before I wait in the lineup. Here are all the factors that pointed me towards the fact I may be one of those old creepy people at rock concerts.

1) One look at the lineup told me the vast majority of those waiting were teenagers, likely an average of ten years younger than me. They were all excited and shivering in their latest fashions (short skirts, boots, thin jackets). There I was, all bundled up in a sweater, ski jacket and my hikers. Ha! I may look like a grandma but I was toasty warm while waiting for the doors to open.

2) Passing through security at the front doors, I walked three steps inside before coming across a huge lineup leading downstairs into the pit. A few of us old geezers (my peers) looked at each other and high-tailed it upstairs to the balcony where we found a good selection of cushy seats. You can stand and get squished in the pit; I’ll stay up here and enjoy the show.

3) Throwing items of personal nature onstage still eludes me. While I was trying to enjoy the concert, a girl walked past me. I happened to look up just as she passed by and…is she holding what I think she is holding?…oh my goodness, yes she is. She was holding up a folded up bra in her hands, and trust me she was one of the hundreds of girls that tossed up bras onstage. The only thing I could think of was “you spent perfectly good money on what looks like a brand new bra and now you’re just going to toss it on stage?”

Moral of the story: not understanding the youth of today at all.


3 thoughts on “Epic Weekend (3): The Concert

    • Nooo I want to stay young forever!
      Alas, I do agree it is quite amusing during those times I am starting to accepting I am no longer part of the young generation.
      And thank you, it was quite the memorable weekend.

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