More Expectations; Lab Tests

I went to an Open House last night and met a number of great people from all across the region. Never had I seen such an enthusiastic chair, or such a detailed grammarian, or an Icebreaker speech that had everyone in tears (of laughter) – ladies’ and gentlemen, this may just be next years’ Humorous Winner!

When the Chair found out my status for 2012-2013, there was no escaping (I mean that in the best way possible). He volunteered me for the role of a Speech Evaluator, and when he was doing introductions, he said how fortunate we were to have such and such a person show up, on the day the Humorist had called in sick.

Of course, he meant me.
Me? I just came here for the coffee, cookies, and speeches. As fellow Toastmaster so observantly pointed out, my humour lies within stories. Stories of life that make you go “they can’t make that stuff up!” Thankfully I still remembered a joke I had read to my own club just the week prior; so I think I managed to squeak by.

Score one for agreeing to be the Table Topics Humorist.

In other news, this morning I managed to test out my proposed International Speech. I was so incredibly nervous, I could barely keep my hands (or legs) steady. And this is supposed to be a test run! So far, reactions have been good. It’s not a new story, but I’ve been told the potential is there, as long as I give it a good polish. I’ll take it.

I may need to come up with a better title for my speech.


2 thoughts on “More Expectations; Lab Tests

  1. I can’t wait to hear it! Good for you that you are workin’ it already. Smart cookie. I’m taking a page from your book and taking my speech to another club before the contest too. I think it’s a good formula for getting the jitters out and the bugs too.

    • Thanks Paula, not smart, I just have an insane amount of things going on during the next couple of weeks; everything TM related! (Including the BIG event of course).
      Just trying to survive. Thanks for your encouragement!

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