Sewing for the International

All I have written for my International speech.

All I have written for my International speech.

International Speech Competition. The biggest and highest level of competition on the Toastmasters’ stage. Win this, and you’ll join the elite rank of Toastmasters that have been crowned the Best Speakers in the World. For the upcoming contest (2013) all eligible contestants will be performing in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

The pressure is on. After announcing it to the audience at the Humorist Contest (that I would also enter into the International Contest), I don’t want to disappoint them, or myself. I have no thoughts of “I will make it to the world stage”, I am just going to give my best darn shot.

You see, when I wrote my winning Humorist Speech, I never had the thought of “I am going all the way to the District.” I just wrote a speech I thought would be hilarious regardless of the audience. So if I keep up that way of thinking, perhaps lightening will strike twice. On the other hand, I know one other amazing lady who has her heart set on going all the way to Cincinnati. Who am I to pledge I will steal that away from her? All I have pledged for myself this year, was to push past my comfort zone and enter into every contest available.

I’m keenly aware a speech for the International contest must be the Triple Threat. It has to be: 1) Funny, 2) Inspirational, 3) Just plain awesome.

I have all these ideas swarming in my head. I’ve got this narrowed down to (what I think are) three powerful stories. True stories I have experienced that have impacted who I am, and made me learn (what I believe are) some tough but revealing lessons. The problem is sewing all those stories together into a speech that can move the audience. I’m having a hard time putting “the message” into words; at this point it is still something I have not found the words.

I want to make them laugh, cry, and (most importantly) root for me.

I want this to be the best speech I have written so far.

So far, I have nothing.


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