Opening Act

Soon after winning the Humorist Contest, I came home after work to find a message on the answering machine from this year’s District 21 Governor, Margaret Page. For a split second, I was confused. How did Margaret know my home number? Well, because you wrote it on your Toastmasters’ application when you first joined, you dummy.

The reason for her call was mind-boggling. In February of 2013, there will be a special event hosted by this District. Mr. Ryan Avery has agreed to come and do a presentation, and Margaret wondered if I would be willing to perform my speech again at this event.

Wait, I’m going to be seeing Ryan and (hopefully, his wife) Chelsea Avery in person? Sold!

It is a tad nerve-wracking on a number of different points:

  • I will have to ensure I keep my speech in tip-top shape (more practicing!)
  • I will be performing in front of primarily non-toastmasters, so it is tougher to predict how they will react.
  • Think any of them will laugh?

The other week I attended another club’s Christmas meeting, and I filled in as their last-minute Humorist (sort of). I admit the joke I pulled off of the Internet wasn’t the best one, so long story short I walked away feeling like I had totally bombed in the humour department. (Quite a difference from how I was feeling only a couple of months ago!)

I figure now I’ll have to do my best, pick myself back up and be more determined than ever to give it my best (again) for this upcoming event. Undoubtedly, it is extremely exciting. After winning this contest, I’ve always had this great sense of wanting to tell everyone about my accomplishment. It is less about the sense of wanting to brag, and more about ensuring the audience of just how far you can come with this program.

I was once a kid that wouldn’t even order for herself at McDonald’s. Now I’ve said yes to giving a speech in front of an X amount of people, most of whom I have never seen before in my life.

Who would have thought I’d end up here?


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